If you just met Jill you might think she's got it all together, that she's got that perfect "instagram life" but truth be told, she's a bit of a mess. She loses track of her to-do list far too often, she's late to nearly everything and if you drop by her house without notice, you just might find a sink full of dishes and a pile of laundry on the sofa waiting to be folded. The thing about Jill though, she is learning to embrace the "real life" part of life and she doesn't beat herself up over the mess. She is owning who she is, no judgements passed on herself, or anyone else. Her word for the year is KIND and she is starting with herself. She always says, “A little more kindness please.” (But with an English accent for added sophistication, obviously.) She practices it on everyone around her, even herself. It’s crazy the difference that sort of thing makes. 

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