Madison left the old year behind and slinked into the new one with her list of things to do longer than a school bus. (sound familiar?) There were basic things like cleaning up after the holidays and conquering Mount Everest (the laundry pile). There were complex things like getting fit and losing weight and being more put together and normal and enough. She was tired, but she tried so hard to do and be all the things. After only a few days, Madison realized that not only could she not do and be EVERYTHING, but, more importantly, she didn't HAVE to. She crumpled up her list and threw it at the garbage bin. It missed. She laughed and mumbled, "Close enough." That's exactly what she was and the realization made her feel like a butterfly must feel stretching its wings for the first time. It's remarkable how magnificent a person can be with a little rest and the courage to let go.

Let's ease into the new year, excited to learn and try new things. Not for the busy-ness of them, or for the need to be completely different than our current selves, but for the joy of living & learning!

New year, same awesome self. 


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