Shay knows that behind every smile she meets, there is a story. She has one of her own. That story shapes who she is today and who she will be tomorrow. She is someone with a heart, overflowing with kindness and compassion. She has learned that life isn't about having the best of everything. It's about making the best of everything. That starts with kindness to herself, embracing her journey and then spreading that kindness to everyone she meets. She is genuinely happy and her happiness makes everyone around her a little happier too. A little kind, goes a long way. 



Shay | Chipboard Alphabet Stickers Quick shop

Shay | Chipboard Alphabet Stickers

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Traveler's Notebook Insert | Shay Quick shop

Traveler's Notebook Insert | Shay

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Shay | Clear Jar of Chipboard Asterisks Quick shop
Shay | Washi Strips Quick shop

Shay | Washi Strips

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Shay | Journaling Cards

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