my story

Why 'felicity jane'? It means happy girl. Sometimes we have to search for our happy, [ and we shouldn't stop looking until we find it! ] but all along the way, no matter our season in life we should keep record of our journey!

When I was a young girl I would watch my mom create beautiful things for our home and handmade items to sell in boutiques to help support our growing family. I attribute my love of creativity to her. Fast forward a few *ahem* years, I was able to use my love for creativity to get my start in the scrapbooking industry. I worked many years as a scrapbook artist on a corporate design team where I got to combine my love for pretty paper and photos..and call it a 'job'.

I've stayed in the crafting industry over the years. Finally, with the encouragement of fellow 'makers' and my family, I decided to take my passion for pretty paper, and my desire to tell my story using my own products, and created 'felicity jane'. Each exclusively designed product is created with love, and when possible, made right here in the USA and often times from another woman in business. Part of the joy that comes with creating is sharing it with others, so I hope you'll join me, and #felicityjane on this new adventure!


xo- Jeana