A5 Vertical Planner Inserts

Felicity Jane is pleased to offer a *printed* form of plan2create A5 inserts. This minimalist, vertical page design provides the perfect blank slate for your individual planning needs...

  • You can decorate to your heart's content, or leave them simple and clutter-free.
  • The daily columns accommodate full-box stickers that are popular in the planning community, and the open design allows you to structure your day according to YOUR needs/plans.
  • Made with high-quality paper, there is minimal bleed-through when stamping with various inks.
  • These inserts arrive purposely un-punched, so you can include them in whatever current planner you're using, whether that be a six-ring binder or an arc system.
  • Each pack contains a year's worth of UN-DATED inserts, accommodating for 5-week months (which means you'll have an extra sheet for each 4-week month).
  • Each set comes in an adorable plastic folder, helpful for holding inserts before they go into your planner, or storing the pages you've completed and want to keep on record.

[Don't miss out on the brand new Felicity Jane planner stamps, specifically designed to customize  these undated inserts.]

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