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Hi! It's Dannielle here and I have a fun inspired by layout to share with you all today. 

Here is a look at my finished layout.

Banning Lane | @felicity_jane | "Tuesday"

So here is the story. A couple years ago I stumbled upon a blog that had an interview series on it called "The Nine". In this series, artists were asked to respond to nine questions in photographs. I loved looking at all the different approaches of each persons photos. I always thought it would be fun to answer the same questions myself and turn them into layout. So that's what I did!

banning Lane | @felicity_jane | "Tuesday"

 The first thing I needed to do was obviously answer the questions. I used a combination of old and new photos to do that. You can find the questions I used here, but you could apply this technique to any questions. Every year I do a birthday interview with my daughter and I usually just write out her answers, but taking a picture of her answers might tell even more of that story. I am usually all about the written words so it was fun to take a new approach and let my photos do the talking. 

banning Lane | @felicity_jane | "Tuesday"

I typed up the questions I used, cut them up into little strips, and added them to a piece of white cardstock that I trimmed down to 4x11. You can see in the picture that I numbered the questions and the photos so that you know what photo goes with what question. To number the photos I used metal rimmed tags and those super great Felicity Jane alphabet stickers. I love how the little circle tags look on the big square photos.

 banning Lane | @felicity_jane | "Tuesday"

Of course I didn't want to leave the back of my insert blank!! So I used some of the patterned paper from the kit and a couple embellishments to jazz it up just a bit.

I had so much fun working on this layout, and if you want to see how it came together you can check out my process video below.

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This is great – what a fun idea for a layout! It’s something that I would love to do several times over a year as a good record of my life.


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