May Sneaks | note to self

May Sneaks | note to self

I can't believe the May kit is just around the corner! The exciting thing is... today you get a peek at a few of the photos from my mood board.


Felciity Jane May Kit Sneaks moodboard



Friends, narrowing down the colors was a tough one because I love them all. For spring heading into summer...there's a little something for everyone.

Besides the colors, my father's journal inspired the direction of this kit. I'm so glad he wrote his story. Nothing fluffy, but everyday things. Lessons he learned and wanted his future self to remember.

If you could write a note to your 18 year old self, or 20 year old self.... or looking forward, to your 80 year old self, what would it say? 'Don't be so hard on yourself.' 'Girl, you got this!' 'Love more, stress less' 'Try new foods, some of them aren't so bad!' 'Baby steps!' I hope this kit will inspire you to document some of those things. Write a note, to yourself. 

xo - Jeana 



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Oh wow – I love it already…


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