1st Day Kindergarten Pocket Page with Jamiee Collection | Ulli Dold

1st Day Kindergarten Pocket Page with Jamiee Collection | Ulli Dold

Hi everyone,

Ulli here with you today with my first project with the wonderful Felicity Jane Jaimee collection. The colors, patterns and the adorable florals are so wonderful and this collection is so perfect for all kind of spring scrapbooking projects. 

I still working on my pocket page album for 2018 and when I saw these two photos I knew they would be perfect for a cute pocket page in the size 9x12 with the Jaimee kit. Our little boy came to kindergarten in June last year and I wanted to document this milestone with a lot of journaling about the first days and his acclimatization there.

1st Day Kindergarten Pocket Page with Jamiee collection 1 | Ulli Dold | Felicity Jane

First I put my two photos and the cute Jaimee Journaling Cards which I wanted to use in the pockets and cut one 3x4 and two 4x6 Journaling cards as a background of my photos and one for my first part of the journaling. I made one card from two Jaimee cards - I combined the green gingham card and the Right Here card and I love the soft look of it.

Then I decorated my 4x6 card on the top with the photo and some of the super cute Jaimee embellishments. I used the Jaimee stamps with the fissure and the little heart stamp on the top and used the striped Jaimee Designer Tab and the tag from the Jaimee Die Cut Shapes with the dots and glued my title on them. Therefor I used the lovely black Jaime Puffy Alphabet and mixed it with the smaller Lola Mini puffy Alphabet. I finished this card with a green die cut heart and two Jaimee Puffy Stickers. Puffy Stickers are like enamel dots for me. With little Puffy Stickers you can give every project the perfect finishing touch. 

1st Day Kindergarten Pocket Page with Jamiee collection 2 | Ulli Dold | Felicity Jane

On this pocket page layout I also played with many different Felicity Jane stamp sets: 6 in total. I always love them so much! They are so pretty and always so versatile. I’ve used the Jaimee stamp set, but also the Lola, the Lindsey, the Scripty Months, the Basic Lowercase stamps and the FJ Essentials No.1 stamps. 

For the striped blue card I added the exact date with the Scripty Months stamp set which I totally love. This script couldn’t be more beautiful and its not only perfect for planners. To add the number I used the Basic Lowercase stamp set and then I stamped the phrase „Start of something new“ from the FJ Essentials No.1 stamps under it. With the different FJ stamps it´s so easy to make your own and unique cards for your pocket page layouts. For my self-made journaling card besides the striped card I used the 3x4 card in white and glued a small paper stripe of the green Jaimee solid paper on the left side. I stamped „Today´s Story“ with the Lola stamp set on this paper stripe and the lines from the Jaimee stamps on the white part of the card. I am a very accurate person and I love it to have lines when I write my journaling on layouts or other projects. Because of this I was so happy when I saw the new Jaimee stamps. There you have different stamps to journal very easy and accurate and you can choose lines, dot grids or bullet points for it. I wrote by hand some short words about the first day of the kindergarten start on these lines. Besides this card I put the "My day went something like this“ card into the pocket and stamped the cute scalloped border on the top before.

In the lower line of my pocket page spread I put the „love This“ card and glued my photo on the 4x6 card in white. I glued it left-justified on this card and glued on the right side the pretty polka dot Vellum pocket on the plastic sheet of my pocket page. I wanted to add a hidden journaling and so I used the rainbow striped Jaimee Journaling card and glued my printed journaling on it´s back. To draw this card easy out I added white linen ribbon and fixed it with my stapler on the top of this card. I used the black tab from the Jaimee Die Cut shapes and glued it on the vellum pocket. Then I decorated it with 5 of the cute Jaimee Sequins in pink, white and green and a white Puffy Sticker heart. 

1st Day Kindergarten Pocket Page with Jamiee collection 3 | Ulli Dold | Felicity Jane

On the next picture you can see the hidden journaling a little bit better. I wrote about the whole first week of the acclimatization in the kindergarten and so it was not possible to add this journaling by hand. 

1st Day Kindergarten Pocket Page with Jamiee collection 4 | Ulli Dold | Felicity Jane

Finally I finish off the lower row of my pocket page layout and decorated the pink card with the white Jaimee Die Cut heart. I added one of those super cute FJ mini wide paper clips in white on my photo and used the Lindsey stamps to add the words „Love him“ and „Love her“ under my photo.

1st Day Kindergarten Pocket Page with Jamiee collection 5 | Ulli Dold | Felicity Jane

I hope you like my pocket page spread from a little milestone and maybe I could inspire you to use the wonderful Jaimee collection and different FJ stamp sets for your next pocket page too.

Until the next time!

xo, Ulli


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