2nd Annual Felicity Jane Paper Exchange

2nd Annual Felicity Jane Paper Exchange

felicity jane 2nd annual paper exchange

Last year I hosted FJ's first paper exchange. It was a fun way to meet other people who have a crush on paper products, planner goodies and office supplies as much as I do, and to send someone something to make them smile! [ My cute cousin found her love for planners through this exchange] I got a few emails from ladies recently, asking if I was going to do it again because they missed it last year. The answer is YES! :) 

Here are the details for the exchange. 

When you sign up and you'll be paired with one other person. You'll get their contact info, so reach out and get to know a bit about them. Follow them on instagram or other social media, get an idea for their style and then you'll create either a pocket letter, a stash of embellished journaling cards, note cards, fun paper/office products or something paper related and ship it off to them in the mail. This is meant to make someone smile so be sure to make it personal and include an uplifting phrase or quote! Please note... this isn't a destash your scraproom of things you'll never use. Think about something you'd love to get in the mail...and give something similar. Maybe you've been holding onto a roll of washi tape that you just love, use THAT in your gift. Get my drift? :) It doesn't have to be super spendy, and you don't have to be a professional paper crafter to participate! Just be creative and have some fun!

Now for the official stuff. Please read it all before signing up! Commitment and communication are key. If you are paired up, be in contact. If you don't send a gift... this leaves your partner without one, which is never fun. 

Timeline: Please, please make sure you can commit! 

  • Sign up by July 15
  • Partners assigned July 18
  • Create/curate your gift and have it post marked and in the mail by Aug 20. Be sure to take a cute photo before you close up the package and providing your partner with tracking info would be awesome too! 

Once you've signed up please share the exchange with your friends...and once you've received your awesome gift, don't forget to snap a photo and #fjpaperexchange on instagram so we can see! 

What are you waiting for? Head over and get signed up! :) 

(please sign up for only one)

US only Felicity Jane Paper Exchange 

International Felicity Jane Paper Exchange 

( by signing up for the international exchange you agree to ship your gift anywhere in the world. :) ) 

Please email me with any questions. I can't wait to see what you all create! 

happy gifting! 

xo - Jeana


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Marie, you have been paired up with someone :) When you log in to elfster, click on the box for the paper exchange and your partner’s name should be at the top of the next screen. If you are not able to find it, send me a quick email hello@felicityjane.com


Oh i hope i posted a comment yesterday about not receiving a partner for this and have checked with my other Aussie friends and they have received their partners – sorry if this is a repeat post i just read that they are approved before posting . I was worried i had missed out lol no need to post this if it a repeat of yesterdays sorry again. Marie

Marie Sheil

Signed up before the deadline and double checked I was on the list – I am but have heard nothing more….. My other Aussies have had notifications already .


Signed up not a member but an admirer I hope this is ok. I so excited for the exchange.

Alisha Whittington

Just signed up!! Woot!


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