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Hello friends...hope your holidays have been wonderful! I have finished up my December album and wanted to share a fun little photo fold-out that I made.

We started a new tradition this year for Christmas. We put a wall of wrapping paper up between the hallway (where the bedrooms are) and the living room (where the Christmas tree + presents are). I took some photos of my daughter busting through the paper and wanted to include the series of photos without taking up too much room in my album. So I made this little fold-out to stick in my Day 25 pocket. 

Jen Schow | @felicity_jane | Cozy + No Peeking!

I printed four 3x4 photos and adhered white paper to the back of each one. Then I taped them together with some washi tape.

Jen Schow | @felicity_jane | Cozy + No Peeking!

II used the back of the photos for some journaling and a bit of embellishment.

Jen Schow | @felicity_jane | Cozy + No Peeking!

Here's what it looks like all folded up. I used the woodgrain alpha + my handwriting for a title. I added some bits from the cut-apart sheet for embellishment and a pull-tab.

I love creating little things like this to stick in my mini albums. It's like a little surprise and, bonus, I get to include a bunch of photos without taking up precious real estate!

What ways do you find to include more photos?

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Super cute, Jen!

Suse Fish

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