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This year, each Monday we will share an "Inspired by..." project on the blog. For me this was the perfect excuse to lose all track of time on Pinterest. I bet you can relate.

Here is a look at my layout.

Banning Lane | @felicity_jane | Cozy + No Peeking add on

It's no secret that I LOVE grid layouts!! They just make my heart happy.

So here is the deal. The second my little girl spots just a skiff of snow on the ground she starts pestering me about building a snowman. Its so darn cute and I can't help but document that memory. So every year I will probably be making a layout about building a snowman. Because I want these layouts to be a little different each year, I have to come up with a different take on the same story. To come up with some fun and new ideas, I turned to Pinterest!

I found this picture on the Real Simple website. I was instantly inspired by the grid design of the boxes. I also loved the numbers, and it gave me the perfect idea for my story... How to build a snowman! I picked out 5 pictures that told our "steps" to building a snowman and then created my layout.

Banning Lane | @felicity_jane | Cozy + No Peeking add on

For my journaling I decided to create these cute little pockets  that were totally inspired by the inspiration picture. They are hands down my favorite part of the layout!! I just LOVE them.

Banning Lane | @felicity_jane | Cozy + No Peeking add on

It was so easy to split my story up into four steps, write them on four tags, and slip them into my four pockets! 

Because my layout was pretty simple I decided to to add some distressing and stitching to my layout. you can see how I did that in the video below.

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