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SuseFish | @felicity_jane | felicityjanekits

I wonder if you have chosen your word for 2016 yet? My word for 2015 was 'jump' and that led to taking all sorts of risks that were pretty uncomfortable for a shy sort like me, so I was hoping that a gentler word would come to me for this year!

When the word 'dwell' plopped into my head, I was really pleased: it conjured up images of settling down, perhaps curling up on the couch with a good book more and getting some energy back.

SuseFish | @felicity_jane | felicityjanekits

So to reflect this idea of calming down, I wanted to make a restful, airy layout (and with all that hand stitching, the actual process required a fair bit of dwelling too!)

SuseFish | @felicity_jane | felicityjanekits

What I adore about these kits is how the papers go together across the months: you can pull an ice-cream yellow from the summer kit and pop it right next to a mint stripe from the winter kit and they totally rock together. 

So what's your word for this coming year? How about making a layout to document your plans and serve as a reminder? Mine is currently reminding me to go and pop the kettle on for a calming cup of redbush tea! See you soon, friends.

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I LOVE seeing your layouts!! My word is “focus”.


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