Book About Me | Kathleen Graumüller

Book About Me | Kathleen Graumüller

Hey there, it’s Kathleen here again and today I actually have something other than a layout for you! :D

Last year has been a really good year for me in the creative & scrapbooking department and from what I can tell so far, this year will be even better. And the beginning of a new year always has something re-energising, don’t you think?

As I was thinking about my crafty goals, plans and hopes for this new year, I wanted to also find a way to document them in a way other than just a regular bullet point style list. Something that’s not only functional, but also pretty. And maybe also a place where I can keep track of what I actually already accomplished. Because if you are like me, you can easily get hung up on all the things you haven’t done so far and all the goals you haven’t reached - which, of course, isn’t really helpful or motivating. So to keep myself motivated, I thought I would start a "Book About Me".

My plan or idea for this album (6x8) is this:

    • It will be a mix of pocket pages, mini layouts and regular pages to keep lists, ideas, etc.
    • I want to include photos, lists, things that inspire me (mood boards, magazine clippings, quotes…)
    • It won’t be weekly/monthly, I will work in it whenever I want to and as much as I want to. If at one time I make 3 pages, that’s fine, if at another time I only put in one photo or journaling card, that’s also fine.

So as you can see, I want it to be fun and something that I enjoy working in. I don’t want it to feel like an obligation or something where I have to complete X pages per week. I’ve tried Project Life three or four times already and always failed miserably, so I know that just wouldn’t work for me.

For my first page I chose to include a photo of me (taken last Summer) and a list of some of my crafty goals for 2018. Because I didn’t want it to be readable right when you open the album, I put two journaling cards in the lower right pocket, taped them together with some washi and added my list of goals inside.

To make it easier to pull those cards out and read what’s on them, I stapled a small piece of silver glittery trim from my stash to one of the cards so you can pull them out with it. And of course I also had to include a shaker pocket (the small black star sequins are from an older FJ kit, the rest is from my stash) - I just love love love sequins and shaker pockets!

And of course, since this is the first page in my album, a "hello" card was perfect. I actually had two of those: one that Jeana included in my first FJ DT package with a sweet note & one from Jen to me - and I thought what would be better in an album like this than cards with sweet, encouraging notes on them?

On the back of this first pocket page you can see the second "hello" card, the floral journaling card where I added my goals, the shaker pocket and a photo of one of my most important energy suppliers: coffee :D

For the page on the right I cut down one of the patterned papers from the kit, glued one of my Note to Self dot grid pages onto it and embellished it with some bits and pieces from the Reagan kit.

I used some of the epoxy stickers to make a bullet point list. Here I want to add (big or small) things I have accomplished to keep me motivated and as something I can read whenever I feel low or in a slump.

The stamp set in the Reagan kit is also really perfect for a project like this, with all its affirmative phrases. So naturally I had to add the "Just the beginning" (on the bottom of the page) and "saying YES to new adventures" (on that small tag I put in between the two pages). I think it’s important to tell ourselves things like this from time to time! :)

As I said, this album won’t be PL style, so I don’t know when I will have added something new I can show you, but I am quite sure that it will pop up every now and then here on the blog :)

Thanks so much for stopping by!

See you soon,


Supplies: Reagan Kit | Reagan Paper Pack | Reagan Stamp Set | Reagan Epoxy Shapes | Reagan Chipboard Alphabet | Reagan Velvet Bows | Reagan Die Cut Shapes | Reagan Layered Heart Stickers | Reagan Chipboard Hearts | Reagan Journaling Cards | Note to Self Dot Grid Inserts 

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This is a great idea. Can’t wait to see you future entries.


I love this soooo much!!! I think I will start one too. I hope you share more of it when you can!


I LOVE this idea. I have been kicking around the idea to a do a scrapbook/journal card project and I love this idea. So much less stressful than a weekly obligation. It’s an amazing self care idea/self love!

Ashley B

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