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Celebration Cards | Desiree Lamar

Celebration Cards | Desiree Lamar

Hey FJ friends! It’s time for another mixed kit Monday. Since Annie is Felicity Jane’s 7th Birthday collection, I thought it would be great to make a set of celebration cards. I decided to pair Annie with another birthday collection, Jenny. Once I pulled out the Jenny kit, I was thrilled to see how well it mixed with Annie.

Cards by Desiree Lamar for Felicity Jane

For my first card, I used the large floral patterned paper from the Annie collection mixed with a 6x6 Annie paper for the background. As a border between the two papers, I used the Annie washi strip backed with white cardstock. I like that the washi came in many colors that would have all matched the cards. Next, I used the Annie puffy alphas to spell out my “hello” sentiment. Then completed the first card with my last Mari vellum layered butterfly from my stash.

Cards by Desiree Lamar for Felicity Jane

For my next card, I used the Annie and Jenny 6x6 papers and followed the same steps as my first card. I finished the card off with Jenny die cuts and chipboard stars. I love the little cake die cut and how these cards came out.

Cards by Desiree Lamar for Felicity Jane

For my last card, I wanted to do a simple design that featured black and white. So I used this simple 6x6 paper, which I believe is from the Jenny collection. I used this pretty Annie confetti banner across the top left of my page. Then, I used Jenny florals to back the “Celebrate” sentiment from the Annie collection. Last, I sprinkled a few Annie sequins to complete my card.

I am so happy that these cards came out so lovely. I hope you give mixing your collections a try.

Xo, Desiree

Desiree Lamar for Felicity Jane

SUPPLIES:  Annie Kit | Annie Paper Pack | Annie 6 x 6 Paper Pack | Annie Jar of Sequins | Annie Puffy Alphabet Stickers | Annie Washi Strips | Annie Die Cut Shapes | Mari Layered Vellum Butterflies | Jenny Chipboard Stars | Jenny Die Cut Shapes | Jenny Paper Pack

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