July Sneaks | Happy Day

July Sneaks | Happy Day

Hi there! It's sneak day!

I mentioned on instagram that there is a fun twist in July's kit, and I'm excited to reveal it today along with a pattern/color sneak...  Felicity Jane July Kit by Suse Fish


Yes... friends, the talented Suse Fish designed the July - Happy Day kit! If you've been around a while you know how great I am at keeping surprises a surprise *cough*... this was a tough one not to share!  I couldn't be more thrilled! We hope you'll join us over on instagram throughout the week for more fun sneaks before the full reveal on July 1st. 


xo - Jeana

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EAK I can’t wait.

Tori Bissell


How terribly exciting for you and for me ;)

HUGE congratulations my friend. I cannot wait to get it in my sticky little fingers; the only problem I anticipate is forcing myself to use all that loveliness!!

Ali Parris

I can’t wait to see more – it’s gorgeous! Just like Suse.


You lot are the best xxx

Suse Fish

Wow, congratulations, Suse! Lovely sneaks! ♥

Sherry Coogan

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