Product Highlight | Nae Bowell & Anita Patel

Product Highlight | Nae Bowell & Anita Patel

It is amazing how trends and products change and transform throughout the years of scrapbooking. I remember back in the early 2000's, our favourite products were brads and paper flowers. Now we are working with so many beautiful things it's hard to pick a favourite. I think one of my most favourite embellishments at the moment are rubber embellishments.

Anita and I have been fortunate enough today to focus on these amazingly beautiful rubber shapes and show you just how much fun you can have with them.

Product Highlight by Nae Bowell | @FelicityJane

I love the dimension, the strength, the brightness they give to a layout. They just add that most perfect spark. There is no denying that the rubber shapes in the Maggie kit were the hero product for me this month. I just had to buy extra packets to put in my stash. 

Product Highlight by Nae Bowell | @FelicityJane

I wanted to create an insert that really allowed these rubber embellishments to make a statement, to be more than just an embellishment and a pretty piece to a layout. I wanted them to be the layout and to shine. 

Product Highlight by Nae Bowell | @FelicityJane

Don't get me wrong, the scrapper in me had to hide a few photos in there. These cute little 2x2 photos fit perfectly in behind my patterned paper squares. I cut them just that little bit smaller so that a slice of colour from the b-sides of the papers would show through. 

Anita here now and I have to say the silicone/rubber charms in the Maggie Kit are definitely a favorite of mine! Nae is spot on with her assessment of them. They are absolutely delightful and such fun embellishments to add to any project. I, too, wanted to create a project that allowed the rubber charms to shine and decided to create a new dashboard for my planner. Now, each time I open my planner, I see these beautiful embellishments and they make me smile every time! 

September Planner Dashboard by Anita Patel | @FelicityJane

I wanted to feature as many charms as possible on my page but didn't want them to get lost so I created a "home" for them with a strip of paper down the page. I tucked a few doilies underneath to add a decorative touch and used some of the fabulous paint dipped wood alphas on top but I think you can see that the rubber charms are still the highlight of the page. The subtle and soft patterned papers provide a nice background to show off these pretty embellishments and the classic black and white polka dot patterned paper branding strip adds a nice finishing touch to this dashboard.

Here are a few close-up photos to show off the beautiful Maggie charms:

September Planner Dashboard by Anita Patel | @FelicityJaneSeptember Planner Dashboard by Anita Patel | @FelicityJaneHope you enjoyed today's Product Highlight feature on the blog and hope you'll share how you've been using these fun embellishments in your projects!

supplies used: Maggie Kit | Maggie Silicone CharmsPaint Dipped Wood Alpha |

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