Scalloped Traveler's Notebook Keepsake | Sarah Zayas

Scalloped Traveler's Notebook Keepsake | Sarah Zayas

Hello, friends!

Today I'd like to share the setup in my Felicity Jane scalloped traveler's notebook (TN) with you.  If you're not familiar with these covers, they are definitely worth a look in the Felicity Jane shop!  The details on these covers, from the signature scalloped edge and the polkadot interior, to the pockets on the inside front and back covers make these TNs both gorgeous and functional.

Scalloped Traveler's Notebook Keepsake 1 | Sarah Zayas | Felicity Jane

I've decided to use my TN cover to store Felicity Jane inserts that I'm documenting my daughter's first year in.  Therefore, I wanted to add details to this notebook that would be both functional for me now, and a nice personal touch when I pass it along to my daughter later.

Scalloped Traveler's Notebook Keepsake 2 | Sarah Zayas | Felicity Jane

Scalloped Traveler's Notebook Keepsake 3 | Sarah Zayas | Felicity Jane

For the inside front pocket I used papers and embellishments from the Hannah collection to build a large tag (roughly the size of a TN page) with a photo of my daughter from when she was about 4 months old. I wanted this photo to peek out of the top because this whole TN is all about her (and because that smile just gets me every time!) On the back of the tag I wrote out a note to my daughter about why I've decided to document her first year.  I feel like this tag is a nice little introduction into the notebook.

Scalloped Traveler's Notebook Keepsake 4 | Sarah Zayas | Felicity Jane

For the back pocket I made another tag that has vellum pockets to hold miscellaneous photos.  To make the pockets I simply cut the vellum to 1/4 inch longer on all sides and tucked the excess behind the tag.  I ended up adhering patterned paper to the back of the tag (over the vellum) so you can't even see those flaps on the back.  I love that I now have a place to keep photos so they are printed and ready to use when I want to work on a notebook page!

Scalloped Traveler's Notebook Keepsake 5 | Sarah Zayas | Felicity Jane

There are so many ways these pockets can be used!  You could tuck a tag inside to keep track of what memories you want to document, to write a letter of encouragement to yourself, to store extra photos, to store pretty embellishments or other bits that inspire you . . . I just love how handy they are! 

Okay, if you've made it to this point in this post (yay!) then I have one more thing to share with you . . . a page that I created in my TN using the gorgeous Hannah collection.  It's simple, but I absolutely love all of the details that this gorgeous kit adds!  

Scalloped Traveler's Notebook Keepsake 6 | Sarah Zayas | Felicity Jane

Scalloped Traveler's Notebook Keepsake 7 | Sarah Zayas | Felicity Jane

Hope you're enjoying Hannah's kit as much as I am!  

Happy Crafting!



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