Ten Mini Album | Suse Fish

Ten Mini Album | Suse Fish

I can’t be the mother of a ten year-old already… it’s just not possible! It seems like only yesterday I was knee-deep in diapers and pureed carrot. But ten she is. And I wanted to document this big milestone by making a cute little mini-album all about the sleepover party we threw to help her celebrate. The Henley kit - with it’s glam tones and luxe letter stickers - was the perfect kit for the job.

I like my mini-albums to be tactile to the max! So I started by trimming various papers, bags and vellum pieces down to size. Once they were piled together in a nice random order, I hand-stitched down the middle to bind them together. Then it was time to sprinkle Henley's magic through the pages! I find this sort of thing so much fun, that I quite forgot the time: it’s so fab when you get into that place of 'flow’!

I wanted lots of textures and memorabilia to run through my little book, a bit like a Christmas album. I just love little pockets to peek into and flaps to lift…

There are various spots through the album where I plan to get Kitty to add her own thoughts about the party and what it’s like to be ten. I think we’ll both enjoy looking back on that when she’s an adult!

The gorgeous trademark Felicity Jane floral pieces add so much beauty, don’t they? I particularly love these roses in shades of teal (Note to self: buy teal ink pads to create my own stamped versions with the incredible Henley stamp set!)

I tend to hoard these girl die-cuts, but knew from the start that I wanted to pop Henley herself in this book. She’s so sassy and cool - not unlike a certain little lady of mine.

There are lots of little bags of goodies in the album too: one holding a balloon and birthday cake candle, and several like this one, holding mixtures of table confetti and Henley sequins. I just love the added texture and fun elements like this add, don’t you?

I hope you enjoy watching my video of how this little book came together. I always think it’s interesting to hear about a scrapbooker’s thought process, even if you don’t see every part of the making bit. Now to pop off and give a stern instructions about using only her *very best* handwriting as Kitty adds her thoughts! Take good care, friends.


Supplies used: Henley Kit | Henley Paper Pack | Henley Stamp Set | Henley Gold Foil Puffy Alphabet | Henley Die Cut Shapes | Henley Flexible Epoxy Dots | Henley Washi Stickers | Henley Brushed Gold Sequins | Henley Mini Pom Trim - Peach | Henley Wood Veneer Shapes | Henley Journaling Cards

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Dear Suse,
I watched the video (but without any sound) and I am totally in love with this cute minialbum. Time flies by with kids and this is a good way to remember those days.
I would like to do the same album for myself..this is amazing.
Love Nadia


I just love everything about this, Suse!! All those little details are so cute ❤️


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