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Hey friends! Summer is definitely here in my neck of the woods and I thought it would be fun to create a little Summer Manifesto type layout to document all of the things I want to do this season.

Jen Schow | @felicity_jane | Note to Self

Inspired by the stamp set, I made a little "Note to Self" checklist of some of the things I want to accomplish this summer. 

Jen Schow | @felicity_jane | Note to Self

I wanted to write a bit about the photo, so I added a little printable tag (emailed to anyone who purchased the kit this month) with some more focused journaling.

Jen Schow | @felicity_jane | Note to Self

I combined the yellow puffy alphabet with the white acrylic word "life" for my title and love the way they look overlapping each other.

Jen Schow | @felicity_jane | Note to Self

I created a video with my process that you can watch below. Thanks so much for letting me share! I hope you'll consider creating your own Summer Manifesto layout.

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I love the idea of a Summer Manifesto! I definitely have some goals & wanna-dos, so I’m going to be inspired by your page. Love the notebook paper background – it really enforces the idea of jotting down a list. Btw, that tree is indeed magical :D


Gorgeousness! I do wonder if this ‘plain snowcone’ thing is becoming a problem for you though ;) xxx

Suse Fish

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