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"Just Be You" 6x8 Layout | Carol Chastain

"Carol Chastain | @felicity_jane | Note To Self"
Hey Y'all! The "Note to Self" kit had me really wanting to make a page to go in my personal journal album. So I did- inspired by a 6x8 pocket page style- I kept it simple and in grid format.
"Carol Chastain | @felicity_jane | Note To Self"
"Perfectly imperfect" seemed like the right sentiment for the page and to go around that perfectly imperfect watercolor circle print. One of the many reasons I love clear stamps, they have the ability to bend and curve and do exactly what you need them to do.
"Carol Chastain | @felicity_jane | Note To Self"
Just a little note to myself to choose kindness with others and myself. I will probably do more personal journaling on the back of the layout when the mood strikes. Do y'all make layouts that mimick a pocket page design- or would you rather put the cards in actual pockets? (I'm always curious how others create!)  Hope your Summer is going well and that you take some time to reflect on what it means to "just be you"!
"Carol Chastain | @felicity_jane | Note To Self"

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Jun 30, 2016

Your page showcases so well how the FJ kit elements have such a presence! Interesting question about the PL pages as inspo – I think I’ve only done one & I actually rounded the corners of each item in the grid, lol. I have been inspired by one pocket here or there for embelli ideas… Btw your photo is gorgeous, and so mysterious with your eyes covered :D


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