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Felicity Jane always has one of those gorgeous floral papers in each kit and I decided to create a layout with a wide stripe of this months flowers. I thought this would be perfect for the selfie of us taken a few years ago on a flower show. We had such a wonderful day there and those floral paper reminds me of it.

Evelyn Wolff | @felicity_jane | Feels Like Home

I really don't use 3x4 cards very often as I don't do project life but the sheet of journaling cards that came with the kit is so beautiful that I wanted to use it immediatly. I decided to take the "So happy together" as a title card for my layout.

Evelyn Wolff | @felicity_jane | Feels Like Home

I wrote the journaling with my good old typewriter on the bold multicolor striped paper and I used the different colors to create something like a journaling stripe ombré look.

Evelyn Wolff | @felicity_jane | Feels Like Home

I used a few of the cut apart pieces from the kit and also one of the manufacturer stripes to embellish my layout. I keep those stripes from the Felicity Jane everytime because they are just too cute to be thrown away. I also like to use them to decorate my planner.

Evelyn Wolff | @felicity_jane | Feels Like Home

 Now I can't wait my October "That One Day" kit to arrive very soon! Who's with me?

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Love that floral strip along the bottom! Also like how you overlapped the little tags on top! Great layout, Evelyn!

julie k

I like how you typed on those colored strips of paper. I usually have a hard time journaling on anything but white, but I like the way this looks! Cute layout.


So very pretty!

Suse Fish

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