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Don't you just love the amazing fall weather that's been gracing us with it's presence lately? I'm not sure what it's like where you're from, but up here in Alaska fall is almost over... we may be be moving into winter weather already but my scrapbooking doesn't have to! I'm more than happy to keep on making fall themed layouts like this one!

Alexes Marie Brown | @felicityjane | That One Day

I must say the first thing my eyes darted to when I first saw this kit was the wood veneer letters.... seriously.. they're just the most gorgeous thing! I love the font, the size and the phrase! I knew it had to be one of the very first things I used! 

It then served as my prompt for this page, I wanted to capture a the daily details of my life so I added this photo from one of my favorite restaurants here in Alaska. 

Alexes Marie Brown | @felicityjane | That One Day

Then I used a vellum envelope to hold the journaling I did on one of the 3x4 cards from the cut apart sheets, they're the perfect place for jotting down your thoughts!

Alexes Marie Brown | @felicityjane | That One Day

I threw in a few embellishments from past kits like this  foam love phrase and that oh so pretty kraft, gold foil polka dot paper!  

Alexes Marie Brown | @felicityjane | That One Day

Don't you just looveeeeee those letters?? I know I do!! Top it off with a sequin and it's perfect!  

Alexes Marie Brown | @felicityjane | That One Day  

Alexes Marie Brown | @felicityjane | That One Day

So, what's you're favorite part of this months kit?? 


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I love everything about this page!!!!!


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