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Julie Kinneeveauk | @felicity_jane | That One Day

One of my favorite parts of receiving the Felicity Jane kit each month is pouring through the little details in the cut apart sheet and thinking ahead to how I can use the stamps from the set. The beauty of a kit is that all the pieces work together, so I don't have to spend a lot of thought when it comes to pulling the papers and patterns... fortunately, those are a no-brainer-will-work-together. I enjoy taking the tiny details included each month and customizing them to work with my photos.

For instance, here's a simple journaling card and a few little elements from the cut-apart sheet and embellishments:

Julie Kinneeveauk | @felicity_jane | That One Day

Each of these elements are super simple and each very cute on their own.  Combine them together, add the "Monday" stamp, and voila!  A unique little journaling card to support the story behind my accompanying photo: 

Julie Kinneeveauk | @felicity_jane | That One Day

As I stated, the pieces are adorable on their own, but when combined it's *magic*. Same thing happened with this little branding strip.  The plus signs were a fine touch, but I went ahead and added the "Sunday" stamp to personalize it for the photo.

Julie Kinneeveauk | @felicity_jane | That One Day

Obviously, the beautiful patterned papers and coordinating colors help keep this pocket page spread looking cohesive, but these little details, repeated throughout my spread, help unify some otherwise un-related photos. I've covered football, selfie sticks and fishing all in one week! Thanks to my Felicity Jane Kit and it's creative little details, I've not only pulled it off, but I had fun in the process!

Julie Kinneeveauk | @felicity_jane | That One Day


Oct 29, 2015

This is so wonderful! I love it!!

Oct 29, 2015

So very pretty! x

Suse Fish

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