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SuseFish | @felicity_jane | ThatOneDay

You know, I'd probably wallpaper my house with these papers if I could... but for now, I'll stick to making pretty patchwork covers for my albums.

SuseFish | @felicity_jane | ThatOneDay

I love having a photo on the cover that reflects the contents of my albums, don't you? And as this little pocket page album is set to become a keepsake on the theme of our family, I couldn't resist using this snap of the three of us doing what we call a "Kitty sandwich." I hope she still wants to cuddle her mum and dad like this when she's all grown up! 

SuseFish | @felicity_jane | ThatOneDay

I've tried various methods of patch-working my papers together, but the easiest method I've found is to spray mount the squares onto a larger sheet of paper before stitching over the top. You can then wrap the sheet around your book using more spray mount and double-sided tape.

I love the textural effect and also how such small paper scraps can combine to make a truly one-off album. You can use the same method to cover books, planners, Bibles... go on - have a go!

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