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"Carol Chastain | @felicity_jane | Savannah"

Fall is the season that really inspires me and I always try and get good photos of my boys. This particular photo session with them was full of gems, one of which I am sharing with you today. For my journaling I wrote a sort of love letter to them about weather seasons changing, as well as the season of their ages.

"Carol Chastain | @felicity_jane | Savannah"

The colors in this kit are just completley swoon worthy and I tried to layer as many of the papers as I could. I used the floral tag from the sticker cut apart sheet, and I also turned the yellow "hello" from the cut apart paper into a tag. I wanted to jazz it up a bit so I took a hole re-enforcer (just from the office supply store) and stamped on it with the little dot stamp, a tiny detail that packs a punch.

"Carol Chastain | @felicity_jane | Savannah"

I really love the arrows in this kit and I used them to draw the eye towards the photo. I thought the hashtag words were perfect for my journaling and that flair! Not only do I love the little fawn, but since all of my elements in that cluster are pointing towards the photo, it balances the grouping by facing outwards.

"Carol Chastain | @felicity_jane | Savannah"

Here's another look at the finished page...

"Carol Chastain | @felicity_jane | Savannah"

Kits are shipping out early next week! Can't wait to see what you create!

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This is so beautiful, Carol! Love how the blue paper fits the clothes on the photo!


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