Taking on December | Julie Kinneeveauk

Taking on December | Julie Kinneeveauk

Taking on December | Julie KinneeveaukHi all, it's Julie here today, fully admitting that the project of daily documenting December has completely stressed me out in year's past. I have purchased various kits to document the month, but have always taken the supplies and used them in my normal pocket page album, which for some reason seemed more 'doable' than creating a separate album to house our memories.

This year is DIFFERENT!  First of all, receiving this amazing "No Peeking" add on kit was incredibly inspiring!  Looking through the products and seeing how well they coordinated was enough to get some creative juices flowing. I absolutely LOVE that the colors are Christmas-y, but not over the top. The mint is such a fresh twist on the usual Christmas green. In love.

THEN, I watched Jen Schow's video she shared here on the blog a few days ago and was inspired by the fun creative twists she took using the same kit. She broke it down in a way that was do-able.  She referred to Ali Edwards' December Daily® system, and I researched Ali's approach for 2015. Heavily inspired by these creative sources, I knew I *had* to complete an album this year. and was excited to get to work, building my framework!

Taking on December | Julie KinneeveaukOne thing that has stressed me out in previous years is that I don't snap a lot of pictures during the winter months. Lighting is a bit of an issue here in the Far North, and I get frustrated with the quality of my photos.  This year, as you can see above, I'm giving myself permission to WRITE the story, to GET OVER the pressure of a gorgeous photo each day. I love looking back through and remembering details of our memories, and sometimes photos don't tell those stories. Words are okay. They are more than okay. 

Taking on December | Julie KinneeveaukFumbling through the different elements in the kit is one of my favorite things to do. Pairing different pieces together and seeing what emerges is somehow magical. I set aside some time and just PLAYED with the kit. The result?  Some of these favorite combinations I'll share in photos...

Taking on December | Julie KinneeveaukI thought this page looked like a giant package, wrapped up with the silver bow.

Taking on December | Julie KinneeveaukI decided this cross-stitched deer needed a bow.  HeeHee.

Taking on December | Julie KinneeveaukAgain, mixing the feminine with the masculine turned out to be a fun pairing.Taking on December | Julie KinneeveaukAnd finally, this little "Kate Spade" inspired gift box for Day 23...

I am looking forward to adding details to each day, adding our stories and the awesome kit stamps whenever I can.

I'm including a full "flip through" of my foundation pages here so you can take a peek into my album if you're interested.

Hope your month is off to a great start and you're 'taking on December' in whatever way works for you!

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As always, love all you share. Really, REALLY liked the first page ( with antlers).
Keep up the good work!


Love your pages, Julie! That is a gorgeous kit! I can so relate to the photo perfectionism thing. I suffer from that, too. Trying hard not to let that get in the way as I do my first DD this year. Can’t wait to see more on IG :)


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