Tips and Tricks Friday | Becky Homick

Tips and Tricks Friday | Becky Homick

I'm so excited to kick off the new Tips and Tricks Friday Feature here at Felicity Jane. Every week we will be sharing a new tip or a trick to help with your paper crafting.

This year my New Years resolution is to actually completely finish a memory album. I have been scrapbooking for many years, but am embarrassed to admit I have never actually finished a complete album or year of documenting.

This year is going to be different. I have committed myself to actually completely documenting 2016.

@felicityjane | Alexes Marie Brown

So my tip today on how I am going to do this is to keep it SIMPLE!

@felicityjane | Becky Homick

I will be using my midori travelers notebook and focusing on journaling instead of photos. I have always felt guilty if I didn't take a photo for an event, but journaling can be just as effective. I will be scrapbooking/ embellishing journaling along with sprinkling in some special photos.

@felicityjane | Becky Homick


@felicityjane | Becky Homick


Here's a peek inside my journal so far. I loved using leftover bits and bobs of my December kits. Boy to those guys go far!


@felicityjane | Becky Homick


Hope my first tip to keep it simple will help you keep up with all of this years wonderful memories. How will you be keeping it simple?


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I love this idea! I want to do something similar but I keep letting big chunks of days go by. Is this instead of your project life for this year?


Wow! It’s brilliant! Love Your handwriting!!! My word for 2016 is simplify so i totally get Your concerns! Fingers crossed for You to finish the whole year! Do You know this journaling-oriented blog life captured inc? I think You can find a lot of inspiration there :)

Mira Jurecka

Love this!!!!


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