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Inspired By... | Julie Kinneeveauk

Inspired By... | Julie Kinneeveauk

I've decided to jump back into a 6x8 album in 2016 for my pocket pages. I really enjoyed working with this size for my December Daily, and feel like it works well with the number of photos I have to work with.

One of the hardest parts of any project for me is GETTING STARTED. I have so many ideas in my head, but it's always a little intimidating to start putting them down on paper. I often jump on Instagram for specific page design inspiration, but with the theme of today's post being "Inspired By", I ventured over to Pinterest and searched for ideas using black and white stripes (because those striped papers in Susie really jumped out to me).  I found this image:

Inspired by... | @felicitiy-jane | Julie Kinneeveauk

First and foremost, I was drawn to the simplicity, but I loved how the buttons added some dimension against the stripes, and immediately thought of the tiny little gold hexagon shapes that were included in January's kit.  I layered the tiny pieces around the circle of "2016" to create a fun border. There may have been EXACTLY the right number to complete this circle, and I may have spent some time on my knees searching for the one that landed on my rug.  Maybe. ;)

Inspired By... | @felicitiy-jane | Julie Kinneeveauk

My title page was well on it's way!  Next, I used one of the designs from the Subscriber printables (pink sticker with the heart) and added a quick stamped message on top.

Inspired By... | @felicitiy-jane | Julie Kinneeveauk

Trying to find a decent, current photo of the four of us proved harder than I expected, so I decided on this playful one from a recent vacation and regret that my daughter's head is cut off.  I can always switch this out if we snag a better shot, so I decided to keep rolling and not let that hiccup stop me!

Inspired By... | @felicitiy-jane | Julie Kinneeveauk

I adhered the flair button on top of the colorful paper clip and slid it onto the plastic page protector. It's a little bulky, but sitting up in front of my album, it won't push against any other layouts so it seems like the perfect spot!  I love how the gold circle repeats the color of my album's exterior, and am thrilled how quickly and simply this title page came together using the beautiful pieces of Felicity Jane's kit!Inspired By... | @felicitiy-jane | Julie Kinneeveauk

So, what are you waiting for?  Hop over to your favorite source of inspiration and let that spark some creative ideas for YOUR projects this year!

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