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"9 Months" Sequin Pocket Page | Carol Chastain

"Carol Chastain | @felicity_jane | Happy Day"

Hey Everyone! Sometimes it is the most fun to pick recent photos and pair them with lots of little embellishments then stick it all into pockets. I am using an 8 1/2 by 11 baseball card/trading card pocket page- so I just trimmed down the papers and made it work. I LOVE that the little tage with photo window slid perfectly in with no trimming needed.

"Carol Chastain | @felicity_jane | Happy Day"

For a tactile experience I stuck down all of the puffy stickers on the outside of the page protector....and just to switch it up I stitched a sequin pocket closed and taped the other one down with that super simple white washi from last month.

"Carol Chastain | @felicity_jane | Happy Day"

It was fun to mix my journaling tidbits in with some of the stamps... this always adds something extra. Speaking of Stamps...do y'all store yours in the set they come with? Do you pull out your faves and keep them on hand? I feel like the "you" is one I could use over and over again.

"Carol Chastain | @felicity_jane | Happy Day"

Hope you are doing well and have a blessed day!

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Jul 26, 2016

Oh, could not love this more…


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