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February 11, 2016


Every month, as I look through my kit, I always jot down different story ideas that come to me. This month I have a long list. Today I am going to share with you one of those stories

Here is look at my layout.

Banning Lane | @felicity_jane | "Something Sweet"

6X12 layouts are my favorite ones to do. I think it would be fun to have a whole album full of just that size.

For this layout I started with the story, and then I found and took some photos to go with it. since I was documenting my love for girly things, I knew I wanted the layout to be... well, super girly. This month's "Something Sweet" kit was perfect for that.

Banning Lane | @felicity_jane | "Something Sweet"

I ended up using a lot of things from the printable that is sent to subscribers. What I love about the printable, is that you can print it as many times as you want. I ended up printing it twice, because I couldn't get enough of those super pretty flowers.

Banning Lane | @felicity_jane | "Something Sweet"

I had originally planned on just typing my story, and cutting it into strips to add to the front of my layout. Once I started to actually type it out, I realized I had a lot to tell. Because my words could not possibly fit on the front of my layout, I decided to put the story on the back. 

What started as a fun little layout about my love for all things girly, turned into a walk down memory lane. In my journaling I talk about how I have been a "girly girl" for as long as I can remember. I also recorded a bunch of fun little memories I have. Like how I cut out and saved every Cover Girl ad I ever found in a magazine, and my ridiculous lipstick routine I had in high school. 

Banning Lane | @felicity_jane | "Something Sweet"

To make the back a pretty as the front, I added a couple of pictures of my current make-up stash and added a few more of those printable flowers. 

I LOVE how this layout turned out and I love that I have all these little memories recorded even more!!

If you want to see how this layout came together, you can watch my process video below.

Dannielle | Banning Lane
Dannielle | Banning Lane


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