March Sneaks | Tuesday

March Sneaks | Tuesday

Hi friends! It is sneak day No. 1 &  from now until full kit reveal on March 1 there will be a sneak each day on instagram. [if you don't have the app, you can see our feed online here

I'm excited about Tuesday and all of it's color! Here's a little peek at just some of them...

Felicity Jane March Kit Sneak No. 1

How did Tuesday get it's name? :

My Monday's are usually pretty crazy, but Tuesdays are my jam! I've got 4 work days left and I'm motivate to get things done. 

It seems like "busy" is trending these days & there's always more to be done. I prefer the less crazy days myself, but those busy days, my friends, should be part of your story too! More about that...tomorrow *wink* 


xo - Jeana 


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Oh, wow. Those colours! I was just thinking yesterday about how I ought to document all the homemaking that’s such a big part of my daily life… ‘Tuesday’ sounds perfect!


Gorgeous colors!! Can’t wait to see more!

Lisa C.

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