Paper butterflies | Suse Fish

Paper butterflies | Suse Fish

Suse Fish | @felicity_jane | SomethingSweet

I have a bit of a thing for butterflies at the moment: spring must be in the air! Here's how I used some of the very prettiest papers in the 'Something Sweet' kit to make these little beauties...

Suse Fish | @felicity_jane | SomethingSweet

I found my butterfly templates online by doing a simple image search. I printed them out at slightly different sizes to give things a bit more variety, then snipped them out with my scissors.

Suse Fish | @felicity_jane | SomethingSweet

When you stack the shapes together, they start to look really interesting... I mixed up the prints and even scratched up the edges of the wings here and there for more texture.

Then you can either stitch or staple them together, whatever suits you.

Suse Fish | @felicity_jane | SomethingSweet

Next came the joy of using them on my page. I wasn't quite sure how many of them I wanted to use... at one point I wondered about going for a more minimal look, but as you can see from the end result, I quickly forgot that idea!

Suse Fish | @felicity_jane | SomethingSweet

I decided to go for a bit of mixed media fun in the background, so played around with some sprays and mists for a nicely messy look.

Suse Fish | @felicity_jane | SomethingSweet

And then it was a case of layering up as many elements from the kit as I fancied - the truly fun part.

Thanks for joining me today and I hope you'll give fussy-cutting some Felicity Jane butterflies a try!

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Everything about this -(heart eyes)


Aw, thank you so much sweet Sam and Tori! xx


Suse, these butterflies are stunning!

Tori Bissell

swoon this is absolutely breathtaking! the butterflies are perfection! the colors and mixed patterns are amazing and i LOVE that background!! and what gorgeous photos!! you have outdone yourself, Suse! :)

samantha m

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