FJ In My Planner by Banning Lane |@FelicityJane

Felicity Jane In My Planner | Banning Lane

Can you believe that Christmas is in just a couple of days! It just doesn't seem possible.

Around the holidays, especially in December, I am a list maker and rely less on my planner to keep me on track. I still like to sit down every Sunday and plan out my week just so that I have a visual of what I have in store for the next 7 days. I also think my planner is a good place to jot down little snippets of our day for memory keeping purposes!

Here is a look at my current week in my planner.

FJ In My Planner by Banning Lane |@FelicityJane

I am a creature of habit... especially in my planner. I switch up the products I use from week to week, but my basic planning style pretty much stays the same.

This week I am using some Felicity Jane print and cut planner stickers plus some other Felicity Jane cut files that I found in the Silhouette design store. I love how festive yet functional my week turned out!

FJ In My Planner by Banning Lane |@FelicityJane

When I sit down to plan, the first thing I do is stamp my dates. I used my go to Felicity Jane "Daily" stamp set. If you haven't checked out Felicity Jane's planner stamps you definitely should. They are must haves for sure!

After I get my dates in place I move on to the fun stuff... stickers!! I mentioned earlier that I am using some Felicity Jane cut files to help me plan my week. I ended up not using my silhouette to cut my stickers out. I just used my scissors, and that seemed to work out just fine. So remember, even if you don't have a silhouette, you can still print these super cute stickers and get them in your planners! And, by the way... a lot of these cut-files that I used  (and several others) are currently on sale in the Silhouette Design Store!

Most of the stickers I used on this spread came from the same set, but the black and white polka dot box came from a different set. It is one of my favorite planner stickers of all time, and I find myself using it almost every week no matter what set of stickers I am working with. That is the plus side of printing your own stickers, you can print them as many times as you want! I personally have a few sheets filled with just that black and white full box sticker.

FJ In My Planner by Banning Lane |@FelicityJane

I had events and activities to jot down through the week, but I knew the weekend would be a different story. Since Saturday and Sunday didn't necessarily need to be planned, I decided to use a "merry" banner that I found from another Felicity Jane cut-file to jazz it up a little. 

FJ In My Planner by Banning Lane |@FelicityJane

Seriously, a planned week just makes me smile!! Especially when I get to use super cute Felicity Jane products. 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend making the best of memories!

Supplies Used: FJ Hello Christmas Planner Stickers cut file | FJ Merry Banner cut file | FJ Hello Christmas cut-aparts cut file | FJ Something Sweet planner stickers | FJ Daily stamp | A5 vertical planner stickers  | Planner Bundle

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