FJ Creative Spaces | Carol Chastain

FJ Creative Spaces | Carol Chastain

Hey Y’all! Today I am blessed to share a space I call my own in our home - one in which I create, sort photos, make messes, and tell my stories. I honestly wish I could have you over for a cup of coffee and we could just go through things together, but this virtual tour will have to do for now.

This first little nook is one of the backbones of my space. It took me a long time and many organizing phases to come to a point where I sort most things by color. Then I place them in a drawer. Contents include, but are not limited to , die cuts, paperclips, wood veneer, acetate pieces, ink pads (YES THE INK PADS!) , paper scraps (ones I cannot part with and will someday use) smaller letter sticker sheets, strings, and other embellishment type things.

To the left is an accordion file folder that fits the larger (generally 6x12 size) letter stickers. This has been huge in storage solutions for me to keep them safe and from getting damaged.

Even further left in the little wooden crate is a milk glass container filled with scissors, pens, markers, and the occasional pencil. The remaining crate space holds tiny staplers, rulers, acrylic stamping blocks, glue sticks, and other frequently used tools.

(Okay, so I know that I am getting long with all of this but- y’all, I love seeing and hearing about how people store their crafty supplies.)

These top nooks hold fabric bins - one with stamps , and the other with all things mixed media. Think glue gun, heat tool, glues, paints, etc. The middle shelf has current projects I am working on or working through. Do y’all see that glorious striped “Note to Self” binder! Be still my beating heart. (Yep it has one of those too.)

Moving right along to the left of my hutch desk set up…I have a large 12x12 frame holding current loveliness - sometimes I do something simple, sometimes I display a layout I recently have made. Behind the frame is my sewing machine…I learned from my friend Jen Schow to store things at your fingertips and you will use them - turns out she is right. I store my 2016 Project Life album next to that because I am still filling in the gaps with journaling and such.

Above shelving holds another milk glass container full of current FJ Heidi die cut pieces and to the left of that is a little bowl with my roller date stamps. My rule is if they don’t fit, I can’t keep them. (I know…ba hum bug!)

I am using this little planter to hold my spray mists…I think I need a couple more colors?

And that’s just a look into the next part of my creative space where I store albums, a mini photo printer, and my beloved typewriter.

Speaking of my typewriter, it’s a “he” and he needs a name. Suggestions?  Albums on the above shelf are completed , albums in the drawer to the left are “in progress” or “ready to be used”.

The rest of the drawer has books that I am currently reading through, and underneath that little stack lies my photo printer. Do you spy the cord?  This piece of furniture was gifted to us and custom made. I have thought of painting it but alas, resisting the urge. I used to use it for our toys and other educational games - the day I discovered it fit 12x12 albums was one of the best. I use deep freezer wire baskets to store completed mini albums and boxes of photos, memorabilia, projects in progress, and a couple of those fabulous FJ kit boxes.

If you are wondering..”Where’s the patterned paper? The cardstocks?”  Do you see that box under the vase with fake greenery and little camera? That’s where it hides! I use it so much that the box isn’t even half full…but again the rule is that if it doesn’t fit, it goes away.

I absolutely love creating here, and best of all it’s in the common area of my home. I always have access to my space and our family can look at albums whenever we want. Definitely thankful for that! We are supposed to have snow soon (as I am writing this ) and while I don’t want the season of Fall to disappear, I am looking forward to a cozy afternoon inside making stuff and telling our stories.


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Gorgeous space! I love how minimal it is!

Laura Rahel

What a beautiful, bright, happy spot! Thank you for sharing!


Such a bright and neat spot. Love it!

Nancy Damiano

Such a cozy place to create!


Just gorgeous!


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