Getting cosy | Suse Fish

Getting cosy | Suse Fish

Family layout by Suse Fish | @FelicityJane

Have you heard of the Danish concept of Hygge? It's pretty new to me, too.

Pronounced 'hoo-gah', it's all about cosying up: think blankets, candles, hot chocolate and open fires. I've been trying to inject a bit of this concept into my life as the weather turns colder here in the UK... and as one who loves nothing more than snuggling up under a blanket with a good read, it's not been too hard!

Family layout by Suse Fish | @FelicityJane

Can you tell I was thinking about Hygge when I made this layout about our little fur sisters, Mittens and Muffin?

I knew immediately that I wanted to use the wood textured paper as my background to give that cosy-but-bright Scandinavian feel. As with this style of interior, I like my pages to have a lot of clean, bright space, with just pops of colour and texture layered on top.

Family layout by Suse Fish | @FelicityJane

Do you remember the genius layout Wilna Furstenberg did a while back where she used actual fairy lights on her page? Well, I had that sort of idea in mind when I popped these gorgeous little lightbulbs down as hanging lights. I like that the tissue circles give a sense of 'bokeh glow' around them too.

And there's nothing quite like stringing up twinkly lights at any time of the year to give a cosy atmosphere, is there?

Family layout by Suse Fish | @FelicityJane

I can never resist layering up items with different textures: glassine bags, delicate doilies, natural string... even plastic packaging pouches. They all add the extra interest and richness that help make the page look visually satisfying.

Family layout by Suse Fish | @FelicityJane

Another technique I love is scattering smaller details over the top once my main cluster is looking nice and chunky.

In this case, I stamped the phrase 'so snuggly' over and over, then liberally scattered pretty sequins and plenty of gold Heidi Swapp Colour Shine over the top. Combined, they give a lovely sense of generosity and plenty.

And isn't that what the cosy-ing up idea of Hygge must be all about? Happy snuggling, friends!

Supplies used: November 'oh deer!' kit | December 'hello, Christmas!' kit | 'oh, deer!' acetate shapes | FJ stamp - 'oh, deer!' 

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Absolutely stunning. Miss your videos Suse!


Having two little fur sisters myself, I adore this layout. Thank you for sharing.

Andrea Burrell

Ah, thanks Peggy! That means a lot xx


Oh, Suse! Your layout is so gorgeous and captures the concept of hygge perfectly!! :*


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