Little moments, big memories | Anne Keller

Little moments, big memories | Anne Keller

Hello everyone,

I'm sharing a layout with you today. I wanted to put the focus on some of my favorite products of the adorable Hannah kit, so here we go...

Little moments big memories 0 | Anne Keller | Felicity Jane

I started with a black and white photo. I printed a lot black and white photos for a collage for my daughters birthday party. So you often see them on my pages at the moment. After some layering it wasn't easy to decide what the next step could be. I wanted to use a bow. Because they are my absolute favorite. And I had this photo with this not so beautiful background. So I covered it up with a tag and clustered some bits and pieces onto it. Including the bow...

Little moments big memories 1 | Anne Keller | Felicity Jane

But what's next? My mojo isn't at its highest point at the moment due to a lot of stress at my job. At the evening I'm often tired and exhausted and my head is full of thoughts and things. It's not easy for my to let go and start this creative flow. So I played around a little bit with my second favorite: the labels. I thought about layering them at an edge. That wasn't a good idea. Ok, then something different. I had the idea of a big title, because the epoxy alphabet is another fave. So I searched a quote that fits the photo. Little moments, big memories - I love this phrase. The photo was made during a quick video session for my grandma. We sat at a station, waiting for my husband to pick us up, when I remembered my grandmas birthday. So I started to make a video with my daughters to send her some good wishes. And while we did this video, the girls had a lot of fun and we added some photos. It was just a short moment, but I still remember my happy, crazy daughters and the fun we had together. 

Little moments big memories 2 | Anne Keller | Felicity Jane

Back to the labels. I still wanted to use them. I glued one under the quote. Yes, that was good. Maybe another, a smaller one? Oh yes, I liked this. Then some more. I added two more labels above the title. And then came the moment to start with the details. A little heart here, the date there. Some black splatters, a stamp on the label and a die cut on another. 

Little moments big memories 3 | Anne Keller | Felicity Jane

And then the layout is finished. My head is a little lighter, I'm feeling calm and happy. A new story is in the books, a story full of laughter and happiness. It's conserved so I have the chance to remember this moment over and over again. And that's what it's all about, isn't it?


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