"Love You" Layout | Ulrike Dold

"Love You" Layout | Ulrike Dold

Hi FJ friends!

I hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day yesterday! When I made my first layout with the gorgeous Millie collection for today I knew it would have many hearts on it. It’s Mix and match Monday today and so I’ve searched for a collection which matches perfectly to the new Millie collection. And I found the wonderful February collection Lindsey from 2019 with red and mint in the color scheme.  I had some leftovers from the cute Die Cut Shapes - the tiny hearts and they are matching perfectly to the Millie Die Cut Hearts.

Here is my full page:

Scrapbook Layout by Ulrike Dold for Felicity Jane

First I decided to use the wonderful Lindsey "Swiss Dot & Ledger" paper for my background. I cut it to 12x12 inches and cut a little bit from the bottom and from the top because I wanted the cute mint paper strip with the tiny hearts on my layout too. Then I shaped my black and white picture with a heart metal die. I used the following papers to make more hearts with patterned papers in the same size:  Millie "Plaid & Tiny Hearts", Millie "Dots & Flowers", Millie "Floral & Stars", Millie "Bold Stripe & Swirls". I also used a piece a Grace Paper called "Floral & Line".

Scrapbook Layout by Ulrike Dold for Felicity Jane

I arranged the hearts on my 12x12 page in two rows with three hearts and moved them until I found the right position. Then I glued them on my page and stamped with the Millie hearts stamps from the cute stamp set from the left side on the bottom to the right side at the top. Then I added the cute Heart Die Cut Shapes from the Lindsey and the Millie collections to added them in the same diagonal line. I began on the bottom with the tiny Lindsey hearts and on the middle of my page I began to use the bigger hearts from the Millie collection.

Scrapbook Layout by Ulrike Dold for Felicity Jane

I added the title "Love You" with the super cute Millie die cut words on the right heart on the bottom and used 3 D dots to add some dimension. Then I added the cute little Millie banner on the right part on the top - also with 3 D dots. I added the wonderful Millie rose die cut at the heart with the tiny polka hearts and the Lindsey "Always" writing on the heart besides the picture. I added the cute Lindsey "Together" tab under the picture and added some more stamps on my page. Because of the Lindsey February collection I worked with two love theme stamp sets and I love how cute they look in combination.

Scrapbook Layout by Ulrike Dold for Felicity Jane

For the date I used the FJ Roller Date Stamp and the pretty red Millie Puffy Alphabet, because I needed a year number before 2017. If you combine the roller date stamp with alphabet stickers you can also add earlier dates on your projects and it looks amazing. This layout laid over night on my desk because it was too empty and something was missing. Sometimes my projects need a little bit of time and a second look. At the next day I had an idea how to add another interesting detail on it. I tore the paper on the right side, cut out a triangle and rolled the paper borders a little bit so that the red polka dot paper from the back is a little bit visible. Then I used my mini stapler and fixed the paper ends on the Ledger paper. I used the super cute Millie "Scallops & Stars" paper and glued it under this position to close the page again.

Scrapbook Layout by Ulrike Dold for Felicity Jane

I added some more die cut labels and finished off my page with the adorable Millie puffy hearts. They are so sweet and I especially love the mint colored hearts - they are in such a fresh color and so much fun.

I hope I could inspire you! Have a wonderful week full of love!

xx Ulli

Ulrike Dold for felicity Jane

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This is sooo beautiful! and a great way to use big die-cuts, the often sit unused in the pack.

Anastasia M.

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