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Product Highlight | Dannielle Wright & Janna Werner

What do you do when you are anxiously waiting to work with the new Felicity Jane kit, but it just hasn't arrived in the mail yet?? You find a way to make the subscriber printables work with last months kit.

Today Janna and I are going to show you how easy it is to mix and match Felicity Jane products.

Dannielle Wright
Before I even decided what story I was going to tell or what picture I was going to document, I looked at the printables to see to if anything inspired me. The thing that stood out the most was a black circle that had the word family on it. Even though I didn't end up using it, I knew I had to have an untold story that centered around that word. So off to my pictures I went, and I quickly found a story that went with that theme.

Here is peek at my layout:

My Happy Place by Dannielle Wright | @FelicityJane

I can't tell you how much I love all the colors and patterns that are in the Emeline kit!! so perfect!! By the way... you can still get your hands on this gorgeous kit here.

My Happy Place by Dannielle Wright | @FelicityJane

The pictures that I decided to document are ones that I took of my dad and my daughter on a camping trip that we took last summer. My little London loves to throw rocks in the river, and she also loves when it's my dad that goes down to the river with her. I love these pictures that I happened to capture, and I knew that the "My Happy Place" printable worked perfectly with them. 

The "My Happy Place" printable was pretty small and I knew I wanted it to have a bigger presence on my page. I simply used my silhouette program to enlarge it to the dimension that I knew would work on my page. Always make the product work for you! 

My Happy Place by Dannielle Wright | @FelicityJane

So after I had my story, picture, and title picked out, I could move on to the exciting part of the process... the embellishing!!

I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted my layout to look like so it came together super quick. The hardest part was picking out what patterned papers I wanted to use!

My Happy Place by Dannielle Wright | @FelicityJane

The last thing I had to figure out was my journaling. My original plan was to place it below my photo, but as I worked through my layout it just didn't happen. When this happens my go to plan is to create a pocket on the back side of my layout. I always use a circle punch to create a little notch so you know the journaling is back there!

My Happy Place by Dannielle Wright | @FelicityJane

If you want to see how this whole layout came together, be sure to check out my process video below! Also don't forget to keep scrolling down to check out the super adorable toppers that Janna created.

 Janna Werner

I am a huge fan of toppers in any sizes and shapes as they make a great decoration whether on top of a cake or attached to a present.

Toppers by Janna Werner | @FelicityJane

Toppers by Janna Werner | @FelicityJane

The November printables are perfect for papercrafting projects like the little deco toppers. I used dimensional dots to adhere them - it adds more depth and lets them pop out from the center.

Toppers by Janna Werner | @FelicityJane

Toppers by Janna Werner | @FelicityJane

Toppers by Janna Werner | @FelicityJane

This  projects is also great for working with scraps. See the little banners in the previous photo? Those were cut from small pieces of paper that I just couldn't throw away! I'm a real hoarder!

Toppers by Janna Werner | @FelicityJane

Toppers by Janna Werner | @FelicityJane

Toppers by Janna Werner | @FelicityJane

I hope you guys liked Dannielle's and my ideas on how to work with the printables - there are many ways of using them, please feel free to leave your thoughts on working with printables in the comment section below.



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Nov 27, 2016


Nov 26, 2016

I absolutely LOVE the printables!! I use them each month. I print them out. Stare and them. And wait for my kit to arrive ;) Then I use them up. I LOVE these ideas and those toppers, perfection.
Thanks for the inspiration.
Blessings, dawn


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