Small Embellishment Pop! | Nancy Damiano

Small Embellishment Pop! | Nancy Damiano

Hey there Felicity fans, Nancy here with a closer look at what makes the Mila kit special. Embellishments are the icing on the design cupcake. They take a good foundation to another level. The first thing that caught my eye in this month's kit, is also one of the tiniest - oh but those tiny heart clips! They make my designer's heart happy. The challenge was how to make something so intricate and delicate take center stage.  

I started with a white background because the rose and plain gold finish stand out best on a clean slate. Next came the photo and cluster to add some color and story to the page. The black in the photo is what led me to chose the yellow as a good contrast. Layering contrasting shapes ( round die cut flower, horizontal die cut flower) staggers this layer cluster so it look pleasing to the eye. The flair on top from a past kit gives it just the pop of dimension it needs! A label with some simple stamped text gives a nod to the theme and story.

Once the center cluster was completed, I placed it on two thing strips of the solid patterned paper in the kit. This gives the white a much needed punch of color. Now to the good part - those heart clips! I scattered them throughout the layout until they were balanced. Just enough to give the design some movement, alternating between plain and rose colored clips. Next came the title, stacked just above the photo in contrasting fonts (one bold and plain and one small and script).

To add more weight to the tiny clips, I added some stamping and a tiny puffy circle sticker. This underlines the intricate shapes and make them stand out from the rest of the design. You can try this with buttons, small die cuts and even clusters of enamel dots. 

Here's a closer look at the layout and the goodness of those tiny hearts. Don't be afraid to make the smallest bits in your kits shine. Pile them on, scatter them about, underline them with stamped text and enamel dots. They are small, but mighty design-wise!


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This page is genius! Love the picture, love the story, and especially love how you’ve tied in the kit elements. Those tiny heart clips make such a fun statement when underlined with a bit of stamped text and a pop of color with the enamel dot. And now I’m inspired to go scrap….!

Jaclyn Rench

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