Meaningful Stories with Kate | Nancy Damiano

Meaningful Stories with Kate | Nancy Damiano

I love a good story. The words are one of my favorite parts of scrapbooking. I know that journaling can be tough for lots of crafters. It's so easy to get lost in the beauty of making, sewing and painting on layouts. I admit, I have pages that are totally art and light on words. Neither approach is 'right or wrong', they each tell their story in a different way. I like having a mix of both types of pages in my scrapbooks. Let's see what kind of story we can tell with the Kate kit this month.

Kindness by @nancydamiano | @felicityjaneI focused this one on a favorite photo of my husband. When I looked at it, the first thing that came to mind was "kindness". That was the springboard for all of the words. Meaningful journaling doesn't have to be lengthy or complicated. Speak from the heart and those are the words worth recording.

Kindness by @nancydamiano | @felicityjaneNow that we have the words figured out, let's take a look at the design. I started with the bold black and white check pattern. I thought it would be a great contrast to all of the pale colors in this palette. I'm not afraid to make boy (or men) centered pages with feminine touches. I focus more on the feel or vibe that I'm trying to convey, rather than automatically match masculine colors. 

Creating layers around the focal photo is something I do frequently. Once I layed down the patterns and placed the title right in the photo, I lined up a row of hearts to underline the photo. They needed a little extra something and that was fulfilled with the 'dots' from the letter i's and exclamation points from the gold alpha. It's a simple touch that gives the design a special touch.

Kindness by @nancydamiano | @felicityjane 

To balance out the heaviness of the top of the layout, a simple embellishment was created in the lower right hand corner. Layering a tag with a vellum circle, some stickers and an enamel heart is a great way to create a custom subtitle to a design.

Kindness by @nancydamiano | @felicityjaneCombining good, solid design and a meaningful story is a beautiful way to remember someone special. I love that Kate has beautiful intricate embellishments and patterns that are perfect for any story - even for the men in your life!

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