Felicity Jane Creative Team | 2016-2017

Felicity Jane Creative Team | 2016-2017

Happy Friday, friend! I am super thrilled to finally announce the new creative team today! [ I also wanted to quickly say thanks again to everyone who submitted an application. You are an extremely talented bunch and made my decision a difficult one! ]

I think you are going to love the ladies on the team, and the projects they will share! 

Felicity Jane Creative Team

There will be more introductions a bit later this month, but until then...here is where you can find each of them. (you'll want to follow... I promise! :) ) 

Dannielle Wright 

Nancy Damiano  -  Evelyn La Fleur  -  Marybeth Hancher  -  Suse Fish

Laureen Wagener  -  Mandy Melville  -  Elsie Robinson  -  Janna Werner

Anita Patel  -  Nae Bowell  -  Suzanna Stein  -  Peggy Emmrich


I hope you have a wonderful - crafty weekend! 

xo- Jeana

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I’m so so happy especially for my dear friend Janna!! Such a wonderful team!!


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