"The Joy of Summer" Pocket Page | Jana Bennett

"The Joy of Summer" Pocket Page | Jana Bennett

Hello to everyone,

It is Jana here with some more inspiration from the wonderful Jamiee kit. Are you enjoying it as much as I am? 

Today I will share with you one pocket page from our family album. I used the Jamiee kit for a summer page. Perfect match I think. 

"The Joy of Summer" Pocket Page | Jana Bennett | Felicity Jane

As you can see from the photo there is no page protector. No proper pockets. I actually glued all the cards and pictures on 12x12 white cardstock! I like this form of pocket pages, it gives me the freedom to arrange everything without thinking about the different designs. Plus your embellishment can easily go over one card onto another one. 

"The Joy of Summer" Pocket Page 2 | Jana Bennett | Felicity Jane

I often cut my cards. Like this one that says "This story". Then I can slide my photo underneath and it becomes part of the card.

"The Joy of Summer" Pocket Page 3 | Jana Bennett | Felicity Jane

Oh I just had to use the vellum pockets! They are so great! I placed one right at the top of the page so that it would be easily accessible in the page protector. There are photos that just didn't fit on page (I have a problem choosing a limited number of photos) but I still wanted them to be part of this summer memory. To make it even easier to pull the photos out of the vellum pocket I added a tab to each.

"The Joy of Summer" Pocket Page 4 | Jana Bennett | Felicity Jane

"The Joy of Summer" Pocket Page 5 | Jana Bennett | Felicity Jane

I love using filling cards but I usually struggle to find room for those (As I told you, too many photos to choose from). But here I wanted to lighten it all up. So there goes the journaling card saying "happy" and the cutest puffy heart ever. 

"The Joy of Summer" Pocket Page 6 | Jana Bennett | Felicity Jane

Thank you for coming here today. Have you ever tried pocket scrapbooking without pockets? 


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