30 Day Journal Challenge | Prompts

30 Day Journal Challenge | Prompts

Hi friends! 

If you missed our first 30 day journal challenge post, take a quick minute to read and join us! 

A couple of questions we've been asked about the challenge:

Q: When does it start? 

A: It's an open ended challenge because everyone will get the stamp set at a different time, so start when you are ready. (I am starting Monday 9/10 if you want to join me then ) 

Q: Is there a list of prompts available?

A: Glad you asked! With the Lola stamp set + the list of prompts below we've got you covered for at least 30 days. 

fj journal prompts

Now, you can get as creative as you want with the challenge, or stick to pen and paper. I'll be keeping it simple with the Lola stamp set , Lola gingham TN insert (with 32 pages it's just enough space for the challenge) and my FJ Roller Date Stamp

If you want to share bits of your journal and how you've set it up or see what we are up to, follow #fj30daychallenge on instagram! 




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Starting today, September 26th on my birthday. I think it is a perfect time to document about where I am NOW. Thanks for the challenge.

Kathy Rohe

This looks like fun! Thanks for putting the challenge out there…


I count only 21 prompts. Will you be posting the remainder later?


Cant wait to get started!!


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